Room In A Day - Kitchen

Our Story

Room In A Day started by accident. I am the Westerner, that moved East for work!

It took 8 hours to sell our house. On vacation in Victoria, BC we came up with a crazy plan that just might work…. sell our house, move to a clean, safe small town and come up with a plan for work after we ran out of money! We moved to Antigonish, Nova Scotia in July 2006 to be close to Joan’s family just before Andrew aka “Mini-me” was born in August.

I had traveled extensively for business and was prepared to do so again throughout the Atlantic Canada, when it was discovered by locals that I, Jeff Huff had a background in drywall and painting. I had remodeled several homes, including the old family farmhouse (where we were squatting) in Ohio! Apparently there was a way for us to be home each night with mini-me and service an underdeveloped market!

And so it began…where are your from, who is your mother, who is her mother, who is your father, who is you brother, where do you live etc. I passed all the local tests and have received hundreds of referrals and completed hundreds of projects in Antigonish, Guysborough, Cape Breton, Pictou and Cumberland Counties.

No longer do I feel like a person from away, rather I am a local asking the same questions everyone else did. Who’s your mother…?